Freight traffic without driving permit

Driving permits and freight traffic management at the turnaround site

During the turnaround, the use of vehicles is restricted at the turnaround site. Only absolutely necessary use of cargo transport and machinery is permitted and a limited number of separate driving permits will be granted to contractors during the turnaround. Driving permits are issued by the site managers of the production lines and designated persons of the infrastructure project. Ordinary driving permits for the factory area are not valid.

Suppliers who do not have a separate driving permit for the turnaround are directed centrally to arrive at the MOVCON terminal at Nesteentie 435, 06850 Porvoo. This ensures safe and smooth freight traffic during the major turnaround.

At the MOVCON terminal we will ensure that the recipient of the delivery and the loading/unloading place are always known. Only trained and authorized drivers and transports are allowed to the Neste area.

There will be signs guiding to the MOVCON terminal from Nesteentie and Kilpilahdentie before the roundabout. If possible, avoid the busy morning rush hour between 06-08. The terminal is open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.