Safety starts here – Common rules mitigate risks!

We want to make sure that all of our employees and partners return home in good health after a day’s work. We believe that all accidents can be prevented. We ensure that contractors are able to work safely and are informed of any risks related to the work conditions. This is ensured through various audits, contractual safety requirements, personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety policies.

A written risk assessment is always jointly prepared for high-risk work, agreeing on the measures required for safe work. We ensure through training and permit practices that work is scheduled correctly and all workers know the hazards related to the conditions and working practices.

TA24 Safety document

The Safety Document includes safety plan and references to Neste management procedures, which are considered as main safety procedures of the construction site and must be followed. To access the attachments, you need user credentials. See instructions below.

HSE Network Kilpilahti | Order a username

HSE Network Kilpilahti is a common website of the companies and service suppliers operating in Kilpilahti business area. Logging into the HSE Network requires usernames.

Order your personal username to HSE Kilpilahti site: 

The following details are required:
First name | Surname | Email address | Company |
Phone number and name of the contact person in the client organization. 

Last minute risk analysis

Consider before you start the work:  

  1. What are the job steps? 
  2. What are the risks in different steps?  
  3. How can you carry out the job steps safely in correct order?  

If you can’t do the work safely, stop at once!

Neste has five Life Saving Rules 

Neste has five Life-Saving Rules. We do not accept any deviations from safety instructions, rules or working procedures. All of the factors that influence safety and quality are especially important during a turnaround because there is a lot of work to be done by a large group of people from several countries.  

Safety is always a joint effort and relates to us all. Together we can keep everyone safe. 

Read more about the life saving rules from the links below.

Everyone has an obligation to observe!

Observe and report:
➢ Unsafe behavior, unsafe work practices, unsafe conditions and ergonomic risks
➢ Safe and good work practices
➢ Also remember to record positive observations!

Everyone has an obligation to observe. Always report observations and incidents to Neste’s personnel or your own supervisor without delay.

Link to observation form

QR code to the observation form

At Neste, we care

Sustainability is a vital part of turnaround. We care for our employees’ and partners’ health, safety and wellbeing, while also paying close attention to diversity, equity and inclusion. All contractors participating in the turnaround are required to commit to Neste Supplier Code of Conduct.

Contractors and service providers working in the Neste turnaround can anonymously report any concern about employment or working conditions using the Neste We Care Channel. Your report will be taken seriously and investigated confidentially.