Do the trainings


Knowledge is an essential part of safety and working safely. By providing induction and training, we want to ensure each one of us will be part of creating a safe work environment. Our goal is that everyone will acknowledge requirements set by Neste and the Finnish legislation.  

Required trainings for contractors consist of

  • Neste trainings
  • Occupation or role related basic knowledge and training

Service provider company is responsible for verifying its own employees competences.

Neste trainings

As an employee you can ensure flexible start of the work by completing all the required trainings as soon as possible after the trainings has been released. 

Occupation or role related basic knowledge and training

Contractor and service provider is responsible for verifying company’s employees occupation or role related basic knowledge and training before employees enter the construction site. 

The TA24 training guide and training matrix for service providers are available on the HSE Network Kilpilahti website:

HSE Network Kilpilahti

HSE Network Kilpilahti is a common website of the companies and service suppliers operating in Kilpilahti business area. Logging into the HSE Network requires usernames.

Order a username to HSE Kilpilahti site: 

The following details are required: 
First name | Surname | Email address | Company |
Phone number and name of the contact person in the client organization.