Your company needs to have these documents (Minimum requirements)

  • Liability documents and clarifications
  • General liability insurance
  • Posted worker representative information (foreign companies only)
  • Electronic notification of posting employees (foreign companies only)

Each employee needs the following for obtaining access permits (Minimum requirements)

  • Valid Occupational safety card (approved by Neste)
  • Photo of the person in colour (taken on a white, even background from the front, no objects in the background – similar to passport photo)
  • Finnish tax number, registered in the public tax number register
  • Valid passport or identity card, depending on the person’s nationality
  • Statement of pension and accident insurance, if insured elsewhere than in Finland
  • Documentation entitling to work in Finland (for non-Finnish citizens)

Make sure you have completed these trainings and qualifications

  • Kilpilahti access permit training completed and valid
  • Trainings organised by Neste completed and valid
  • Role- and task specific qualifications and trainings completed and valid
  • Certificate or card for the right to use the crane and/or written permission from the employer for the right to use
  • Lifting aids (only those participating in lifting work)

Finnish tax number

A Finnish tax number is mandatory for everyone working in Neste Porvoo TA24 project, regardless of the person’s nationality or the company’s country of origin. Tax number must be available for when picking up the access permit card. Employees will not gain entry to the site without a Finnish tax number. Obtaining a tax number requires a personal visit to a Finnish tax office. The requirement is based on the Act on tax number and tax number register (473/2021).

Procedure for obtaining a Finnish tax number

  1. In order to get a Finnish tax number, you need a Finnish personal ID first.

  2. Only one tax office in the Uusimaa region is able to issue Finnish personal IDs:
    Helsinki Area Tax Office, Hämeentie 15, 00500 Helsinki.

  3. Make an appointment with the Helsinki Area Tax Office
    in advance by calling the telephone service at +358 29 497 050.

  4. Fill in a registration form:

    6150 in advance of your visit to the tax office.

  5. Also fill in the application form in advance:

    5057 if you are staying in Finland for 6 months or less, or

    5042 if you are staying longer.

  6. When going to the tax office, bring with you following documents in addition to the pre-filled forms
    • A valid passport or official identity card from which you can easily be identified
    • your employment contract and a signed and dated document prepared by your employer, including following information:
      • name of employee and name of employer
      • what work you do in Finland
      • the time period you will be working in Finland
      • the place where the work will be done
      • who in Finland ordered the work
      • A valid residence permit or visa, if one is required
        (the need for a visa depends on the length of your stay and your nationality)
  7. The Finnish tax number must also be registered in the public tax number register. Entry into the register does not happen automatically, so please ask for the registration into the construction industry register while you are at the tax office getting your tax number.

If you have worked in Finland before you most likely already have a Finnish tax number! You can check this by calling the Tax Administration service number +358 29 497 070. While on the phone, also check whether the tax number is still listed in the public tax number register and if not, ask for it to be added!

Tax Administration pop-up service point

There will be a Tax Administration pop-up service point at the TA Terminal, where tax numbers and tax cards can be issued to foreign employees.

The opening hours of the service point
2. – 5.4. 08:00 – 16:00
8. – 14.4.  08:00 – 16:00
15. – 19.4.06:00 – 18:00